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mobile road shot blasting machine

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I. Machine Description
The street cleaning equipment is an environmental-friendly product specifically developed for construction and maintenance of various kinds of roads.
Road,floor shot blasting machine is designed for the construction of various road construction and maintenance and development of environmentally friendly products, in the course of construction operations can be clean, no pollution,pill material can be automatically recycled. The device can be use for: oncrete Bridge Deck Water fight hair,clean-up and hit the asphalt pavement hair,in order to increase surface roughness;roads, tunnels andbridges restore skid resistance;asphalt pavement weeping clean-up, marking line cleanup; Steel anticorrosion coating surface treatment;airport road in addition to plastic and in addition lines.
II. Applied range of shot blasting machine
1.Industrial floor coating and processing
2.Mark line processing
3.The airport line cleaning
4.Steel plate and steel structure surface clean treatment and rust remove
5.Concrete bridge surface treatment
6.Road surface anti-skid treatment, bleeding treatment
7.The airfield runway plastic remove, surface friction coefficient and texture restoration
8.Bridge nursing
9.The highway project conservation
10.The hull surface maintenance rust removing
11.floor engineering base surface treatment
12.municipal road works in conservation
13.zebra stripe cleaning
14.storage tanks conservation remove rust and paint
15.conservation of other surface treatments

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Mobile road shot blasting machine4
Mobile road shot blasting machine5

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