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Advantages of crawler shot blasting machine

Advantages of crawler shot blasting machine
1. The more popular pitless form is adopted. Such a form can save the construction cost of building the pit foundation. If the old shot blasting machine wants to use it, it is necessary to build a foundation pit to achieve the purpose of fixing.
2. The precision is more accurate. This is also the main reason for the use of this new type of crawler shot blasting machine in many fields, because with the development of the industrial field, the requirements for workpieces in some fields have been greatly improved. Deep processing is more accurate. There is no doubt that the crawler shot blasting machine is the machine used in this field. Since this machine is controlled by computer, it is more accurate in precision and can better ensure its work efficiency.
3. The cantilever centrifugal shot blasting machine with high projection speed can improve the cleaning efficiency and ensure the cleaning quality. This is a technical innovation, and it is a reform in the main component of the shot blasting machine – the shot blasting machine, which greatly increases the mechanical level of this shot blasting machine.
4. The more compact structure makes it more convenient for maintenance. After all, the reduced volume will make the mechanism more rational.
The crawler shot blasting machine is a kind of surface treatment processing machine improved on the basis of the old shot blasting machine. In this way, one purpose of processing the surface of the workpiece can be achieved.



Post time: Mar-23-2022