• India Q69 series steel plate profile shot blasting machine

Characteristics of shot blasting machine for inner wall of steel pipe

Compared with the outer wall, the cleaning of the inner wall of the steel pipe is still somewhat difficult. It is convenient to clean without the outer wall, and the degree of cleaning is not as good as that of the outer wall. The appearance of the shot blasting machine for the inner wall of the steel pipe has solved this problem for us.

Features of shot blasting machine for inner wall of steel pipe:

1. Simple operation and high production efficiency.

2. Compact structure, sophisticated use and small footprint.

3. Use the spray gun moving method, the positioning of the spray gun is accurate, and the position is not bad.

4. The workpiece is inclined to pour the shot, which saves height, has good rigidity, and the projectile is easy to flow out.

5. Working method: For steel pipes with a diameter of more than 100mm, the method of rotating the workpiece is used; for steel pipes with a diameter of less than 100mm, a special

spray gun is used, and the finishing method that the workpiece is not rotated and shot is selected.

Advantages and disadvantages of shot blasting machine for inner wall of steel pipe:

1. The shot blasting machine adopts the upward shot blasting placement. Because the pipe diameter is different, the bottom surface of the steel pipe is roughly at the same height when it is transported on the roller table. The shot blasting device is projected from the bottom to the top. Steel pipes of different diameters have the same finishing effect on the surface. Provide the same conditions for subsequent spraying.

2. The workpiece continuously passes through the inlet and outlet of the shot blasting machine. In order to avoid the projectile flying out of the steel pipe with a large diameter, the machine adopts a multi-layer replaceable sealing brush to complete the complete sealing of the projectile.

3. The centrifugal cantilever type novel high-efficiency multi-function shot blasting machine is selected, which has large shot blasting capacity, high power, quick blade replacement, and has the function of overall replacement, which is convenient for repair.

4. The full-curtain type BE type shot and slag separator is selected, which greatly improves the separation capacity, separation power and shot blasting quality, and reduces the wear of the shot blasting device.

5. The machine relies on PLC electrical control, air valve cylinder pneumatic control of the loading and unloading system, projectile controllable gate and projectile transportation and other fault inspections, completes automatic control of the whole machine, and has high productivity, good reliability and leading degree of automation, etc. feature.

6. The filter cartridge can be easily regenerated by using pulse, sensation or reverse airflow cleaning, and the cleaning effect is good.




Post time: Feb-11-2022