• India Q69 series steel plate profile shot blasting machine

Q6914 Roller shot blasting machine sent to Colombia

Yesterday, the production and commissioning of our custom-made roller shot blasting machine was completed, and it is being packed and ready to be sent to Colombia.

According to the customer, they purchased this shot blasting machine mainly for cleaning and derusting of H-beam and steel plates. The shot blasted plate can effectively remove

rustand improve the strength of the plate.


The profiled steel roller shot blasting machine is mainly used in the construction of bridges and other industries. It can remove the rust layer, welding slag and oxide scale on the

surface of steel structures such as I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, and steel bars, so as to obtain uniform metallic luster . The profiled steel roller shot blasting machine can make

the surface of the workpiece produce a certain degree of unevenness, increase the friction coefficient of the components (mainly used for high-strength friction bolts) and the

adhesion of the coating, so as to improve the coating quality and anti-corrosion effect of the steel.


The shot blasting machine used in the profiled steel roller type shot blasting machine has the characteristics of large shot blasting volume, small vibration and low noise. The shot

blasting wheel arrangement is optimized by computer simulation, and the shot blasting wheel is evenly distributed above and below the shot blasting chamber to completely cover

thesurface of the workpiece. The structure of the special distributor can make the shot blasting effect ideal, and the design of the quick-release impeller can reduce the labor intensity

oflater maintenance and replacement of parts.



Post time: Feb-18-2022