• India Q69 series steel plate profile shot blasting machine

The composition and principle of sandblasting room


Blast booths are large  sandblasting room, designed to handle jobs that are too large for even the largest blast cabinet. The blast chamber contains both the workpiece and the operator. The dust collector system provides visibility; the recovery floor section conveys used abrasive to the abrasive recovery system, which returns only high-quality abrasive to the blaster.


Saite blasting room accessories include blasting body, blasting system, abrasive recovery system, dust removal system, workpiece conveying system, electric control system, lighting system.


A blasting chamber works by using abrasive blasting media, high pressure and sometimes water mixed. (Abrasive is another term used to denote sandblasting/polishing/grinding media. Abrasives are loosely aggregated or formed into bricks, files, or wheels, or are resined or glued to cloth or paper.) Sandblasting equipment uses These components scrub the parts clean. Compressed air or compressed water is mixed with the abrasive to make them smooth as it is delivered to the surface of the substrate. When the abrasive strikes the surface, it scrubs, scrapes and corrodes it.



Post time: Apr-12-2022